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Seeing Is Believing: Babies, toddlers, and faith formation

Every Day, Many Ways: Bringing faith into family life

Let the Children Come to Him: How can we teach our children our faith?

Sundays Are Worth the Effort

The Tale of a Lazy Parent: Introducing children to worship services


Celebrating the Church Year with Young ChildrenCelebrating the Church Year with Young Children, by Joan Halmo. A wonderful guide for parents, giving background and then a wealth of ideas for each season and holy day throughout the liturgical year, in order of importance: Sunday, Easter, Holy Week, and so on. Lots of great ideas! A Faith at Home must-have book.

To Dance With GodTo Dance with God: Family Ritual and Community Celebration, by Gertrud Mueller Nelson. Another superb resource for parents. Lots of ideas for faith-based activities for daily family life as well as seasonal and yearly observances from Christmas to birthdays, Lent to St. Nicholas' Day. A Faith at Home must-have book.

Living in God's Time: A Parent's Guide to Nurturing Children throughout the Christian Year, by Margaret Persky.

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