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Some Halloween Thoughts

by Barbara Laufersweiler

Halloween is the old All Hallows' Eve, and it's still full of death, darkness, and all things frightful.

Some people are uncomfortable with this night of gore, ghosts, and the horrible things we imagine. Others of us find it a lot of fun to dress up ourselves or our children in costumes, create a spooky yard and entryway, or throw a Halloween party with lots of creepy food, sounds, and decor.

The unsettling fears that Halloween lets us feel -- that the night is unsafe and unnameable horrors exist -- have their roots in long-forgotten times. Those deeply rooted feelings rise again when terrorism seems close and war might call those we love.

In uncertain times, those of us who don't usually throw ourselves into Halloween celebration might look again at this night of fright.

On Halloween we decorate, dress up, walk into the darkness, look straight at death and fright, and laugh! What an upside-down, rare relief to be a little scared or scary, give out candy, and chuckle at children's costumes.

So, what are you going to be for Halloween?

Barbara Laufersweiler is an at-home mom, an Episcopalian, and the creator of Faith at Home,, a Web site offering help to parents as they explore and enjoy faith with their children. Copyright © 2001 Barbara K. Laufersweiler. All rights reserved.

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Copyright © 2002 Barbara Laufersweiler
Last updated October 24, 2001


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