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Seeing Is Believing

Rays of colored light fell on the face of my toddler as he put his hand in the colorful light from the stained glass windows....   More

Every Day, Many Ways: Bringing faith into family life

There are lots of ways to bring your faith into your family's life. As you begin to notice the fingerprint of the Holy in normal family life, it is easier to help your children notice it too....   More

Let the Children Come to Him

Parents of young children eventually ask, "How can we teach our children our faith?" It may be easier than we imagine...   More

The Tale of a Lazy Parent

My husband and I made what I consider in hindsight to be a major mistake in introducing our daughter Katie, now five, to the life of the Church....   More


Some Halloween Thoughts

In uncertain times, those of us who don't usually throw ourselves into Halloween celebration might look again at this night of fright...   More

Halloween Time: Samhain, All Saints, Los Dios de Las Muertes

The traditions of these late October and early November days acknowledge death and the dead as part of everyday life...   More

Advent: Christmas expectation

The Christian liturgical season of Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day. This is a season, not of celebration, but of anticipation and expectation...   More

Did You Know... Christmas Begins At Sundown On The Eve?

The observance of Christmas Day, like many Christian holy days, can begin at sundown the evening before - with a vigil...   More

Christmas: Twelve Days!

Did you know that the 12 days "of Christmas" are the days of the church season of Christmas, starting with Christmas Day itself?...   More


Teaching Children Peace

We are living in a time when being kind, considerate, respectful, and peace-loving is not "in"...   More

Surviving and Learning from Life's Hard Lessons

Suffering is not a subject we like to think about. As parents we do everything in our power to protect our children from suffering...   More

In the Shadow of Fear: Living with violence, disaster, and war

The terror attacks on the U.S. have brought new fears and worries into our lives and our children's lives. What can we do?...   More


Including Children with Special Needs in Worship and Church School Programs

Inclusion... is about seeing each child, no matter how challenged, as having the potential to learn and the same need to be loved and included as all other children. In the church, inclusion is also about wanting every child to know that they are deeply loved by God.   More

Autism and My Child's Spiritual Needs

Our oldest daughter has special needs. She has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.... With hours spent each day in therapy... where do we fit in time for that child's spiritual needs?   More


Through the Eyes of a Child

Today, leaving my mother's house, I noticed a slug on the sidewalk and stopped to look at it. Now, this wouldn't be unusual if my son was with me...   More

Creative Parenting

It's easy to get caught up in the mundane, day-to-day routine and forget how creative we must be as parents...   More





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