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Growing Morality, A Review

by Virginia Page
"Raising Kids Who Care: About Themselves, About Their World, About Each Other," by Kathleen O'Connell Chesto (Sheed & Ward, 1996)

How can we help our children grow into adults who care about themselves and each other, and are respectful, responsible citizens in their communities? What are the important ages and stages for instilling moral virtues? How can these values be taught?Raising Kids Who Care: About Themselves, About Their World, About Each Other, by  Kathleen O´Connell Chesto

Kathleen O'Connell Chesto speaks to these questions in a wonderful little book entitled "Raising Kids Who Care." Chesto has been involved in family ministry and religious education for the past 25 years. She has a doctorate of ministry degree and a M.A. in religious studies.

In the first part of the book, she focuses on how empathy develops into moral reasoning and what we, as parents and teachers, can do to enhance that development. From her experience, she presents concrete examples and activities designed to help lead a child through things such as sibling rivalry, dealing with lying, what to do about crises of divorce, sex, latchkey and a host of other situations. This is a very helpful and easy to read book.

Virginia Page is Godly Play Coordinator at Zion Episcopal Church, Wappingers Falls, New York, USA.

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