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Holy Week: from Palm Sunday to Easter

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Holy Week at Home

From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, the church remembers the journey of Jesus from his entry in Jerusalem to his last meal, trial, crucifixion, death, and resurrection. These are the pivotal events for our faith. Much more than Christmas, this week deserves our attention at home with our children.

In fact, the focus of these eight days is truly on what is called the Paschal Three Days, or the Triduum: From nightfall Thursday night (in a sense the beginning of Good Friday) through Easter Sunday evening. This helps us as a family orient ourselves in this week.

Look to the structure of Holy Week to guide your family activities. It's especially helpful to plan for Friday and Saturday to be quiet, at-home days, with a few activities that reflect the liturgy and the earth-shaking story being remembered on those days.

The celebration of Easter begins during the Great Vigil of Easter after nightfall on Holy Saturday, continues through Easter Sunday and into the Great 50 Days of Easter that follow. Easter Day is the most important day of the church year, and the 50 days that follow are a wonderful opportunity to explore and celebrate Easter more fully than we can possibly squeeze into a single day.

Further reading: An explanation of the Paschal Triduum

Faith at Home has lots of ideas for your family's Holy Week and Easter.

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Holy Week.
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